Fucoiweed Will (Fucoidan Extract)


* Retail Price in Japan : ¥15,750   * Exclusive product of Health Trends   * Product history of 8 years   * 30x Sachets
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-Rare Exclusive Seaweed Extract
-Patented Advance Technology
-All Natural

★ Key Benefits

☑ Eliminates Lethargy, Provides Energy ☑ Replenishes body with Quality Protein
☑ Speeds up wound healing ☑ General Health & Well-being
☑ Boosts Immunity ☑ Cell Regeneration & more

Stimulate and balances the Immune system – Fucoidan has immune-stimulating properties that activate macrophages (white blood cells) and killer T cells, Thus improving our natural ability to resist viruses and bacteria and to recover from illnesses.

Anti-tumor activities – Fucoidan extracts from brown seaweed can increase the production of Natural Killer cells in your body to destroy foreign cells (including cancer cells) by breaking their cell membranes. This allows the “self-destruction” of undesirable cells.

Protection from Cell damage – Fucoidan is also a powerful antioxidant, which can protect us against cell damage and is also a great toxin neutralizer.

No Iodine – While brown seaweed contains Iodine, it’s immediately filtered out during extraction, thus removing it as a threat for consumption.

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30x Sachet(2g)


Mekabu Seaweed Extract, Ascophyllum Nodosum Extract, Lactose

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