Fermented Black Garlic Extract w/ Fermented Black


* Retail Price in Japan : ¥4,200   * Exclusive product of Health Trends   * Product history of 9 years   * 90x Softgel


-Rare Exclusive Ingredients
-All Natural
-Made in Japan

★ Key Benefits

☑ Stabilizes High/Low Blood Pressure ☑ Lowers Cholesterol
☑ Improves Blood Circulation ☑ Breaks down Fats & Sugar
☑ Promotes Digestion ☑ Slimming Effects & more

Contains essential Extracts for Health:

Fermented Black Garlic Extract – has at least twice as many antioxidants than white garlic and crucial nutrients like magnesium, calcium, selenium, vitamins B6 and C, which numerous benefit include preventing Alzheimer’s disease, circulatory problems, and other chronic diseases.

Black Onion Extracts – are known to control hunger or appetite leading to a healthier lifestyle. They can also increase metabolism which helps in digesting food.

Additional information


90 Capsules x 250mg


510mg Ferment Black Garlic Extract, 150mg Black Onion Extract, 90mg Dextrin, 90mg Ester, 90mg Silicon Dioxide

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